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GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2010 Bridge Inspection Support System

August 09, 2010

Good Design Award symbol

Image of Bridge Inspection Support System

The life of a bridge is said to be about 50 years. Many bridges built during the high-growth period have been deteriorating. Still 88% of all the bridges remain uninspected due to the current condition of local governments' lack of budgets and human resources. Using the cloud technology, Fujitsu establishes a new inspection method that a construction consultant remotely examines videos of a bridge shot by a local government staff with a high-vision camera and provides a new solution by designing a work flow and UI applicable to this new method to reform a work style of local government staffs. With the design technology, the inspections of a local government is simplified effectively, and early bridge preventive maintenance and repair plan creation are actualized to ensure local residents security and safety within its limited budget and human resources.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

Fujitsu focuses on bridge inspections and establishes a new service aiming to improve a local community sustainability by applying its cloud system. Also, we value that the inspection and analysis flow have been developed and that GUI has been optimized to improve reliability of remote inspections by video.