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GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2009 Toyota Genuine Navigation System NSDT-W59

August 18, 2009

Good Design Award symbol

Image of Toyota Genuine Navigation System NSDT-W59

Product Outline

The NSDT-W59 is a SD memory navigation system with a 7-inch wide EGA one-segment tuner, equipped with the Bluetooth navigation function, which can transfer location information found in a mobile phone or map information about the person waiting for you from that mobile phone to the navigation system. In addition, the system provides cutting-edge technology to support enjoyment, simple and safe operation for users, along with the new concept design, which has created a fusion of friendliness and advanced performance.

Design support

The system provides a great design, which makes users intuitively feel the cutting-edge functionality and willingly touch the display. We have aimed at a design recognized as a new concept, which does not exist in traditional navigation systems. The flat design has less difference in the level between the display and hardware buttons. The button layout and artwork have been thoroughly thought out along with the texture. We believe users can experience a new sense of pride while providing a design, which has created a fusion of tenderness and advanced performance.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

The functional link with the mobile phone earned points. However, the texture and form of the operating area are designs leading to the next generation. Although the link with the mobile phone has been introduced before, this system is much easier to use than the previous ones and excites users who use all the functions on the mobile phone. The design provides a complete finish and worthy value. The unique key layout, display design and hardware texture are truly satisfying.

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