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GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2009 FACT-V、FACT-V model10、FACT-V model20 (Long Life Design Award)

August 18, 2009

Good Design Award symbol

Image of  FACT-V、FACT-V model10、FACT-V model20 (Long Life Design Award)

The FACT-V, FACT-V model10 and FACT-V model20 are long-life operating automated teller machines or ATMs, which have been repeatedly developed for over ten years and established the standard in this field. Fujitsu has introduced a universal design, which is faster than competitors, allowing as many customers as possible to use the ATM. In particular, Fujitsu provides audio assistance, which allows visually impaired people to perform transactions using only the handset; the contoured shape allowing for wheelchair approach; and the easy-to-see interface assisting seniors and beginners, along with the introduction of biometrics, which ensures secure and safe transactions, as well as new services such as electronic money and mobile phone link. We would like to continue to aim at designs, which can deliver the "mind of hospitality."

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

Fujitsu has introduced the universal design concept faster than competitors, to the ATM operated by a large number of users. By guiding users to necessary operations in a practical way, the familiar shape and various open spaces are believed to have established one standard for the usability of subsequent public terminals. The detailed and delicate touches add aesthetic value, for example, the flash workmanship when the cash dispenser/acceptor bay is closed. These ATMs with palm vein authentication units, which ensure responsiveness to functions required today, have been designed for long durability.