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GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2009 ColorAttendant

August 18, 2009

Good Design Award symbol

Image of  ColorAttendant

The ColorAttendant is an application to find out which colors of photos were taken with the mobile phone camera. It has been developed to aim at readily solving inconveniences for people with color vision deficiencies, who experience difficulties in distinguishing between particular colors, like red and green. With an extremely simple operation by turning the camera on to shoot and selecting the desired position of the colors users want to know on the photo, various colors can be easily examined. The ColorAttendant not only displays as auxiliary equipment but also provides more than 200 color names and information for people with interest in colors.

Examination Committee Evaluation Comments

We think it is of great significance that the mobile phone, as a communication medium we always carry with us provides such services. In addition, the simple and easy-to-use interface increases user friendliness.