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Fujitsu Group's Case Studies

Our Approach

The Fujitsu group contributed to realizing a sustainable society through the provision of ICT services.

Shimaneken-jkk example

Started sharing a housing management system with two cities

DESUCA example

Building next-generation bus location services

Stanley Electric example

Power consumption at Stanley Electric's 27 principal plants worldwide is cut by employing initiatives to minimize environmental load through energy saving.

Yahoo Japan Corporation example

Fujitsu improves access and provides high-quality financial services through ICT services.

Koriyama City example

Fujitsu conducts an operational trial of a sensing system together with Koriyama City to detect early signs of overflows in sewer systems caused by short, localized downpours.

Central Bank of Myanmar example

Fujitsu constructs a resilient infrastructure by building an IFRS-compliant accounting system for the Central Bank of Myanmar.

JTB Group example

Fujitsu constructs a resilient infrastructure through the promotion of universal tourism.

National Museum of Nature and Science example

Fujitsu builds Science Museum Net (S-Net).

Fujitsu Group environmental education visiting lecture initiatives

Fujitsu conducts visiting lectures based on "˜ From an Environmental Footprint Viewpoint ˜ for a One Planet Lifestyle" environmental study material.

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