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Contributing to a Sustainable Society Through ICT Services

Our Approach

The Fujitsu Group advocates “Contributing to a sustainable society through ICT services” as one of the goals of our Environmental Action Plan Stage VIII. The United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, setting them out as clear international goals. The Fujitsu Group took this as an opportunity to aim for even greater contributions to the sustainability of customers and society.
Achieving a sustainable society will require not only measures to counter global warming by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but we will also need to address a number of other social and environmental problems through efforts such as resource-saving, conservation of biodiversity, stability in food supplies and measures to deal with urbanization, and disaster prevention. Information and communication technology (ICT) that facilitates optimization, efficiency, and automation in a wide variety of fields has the potential to make tremendous contributions toward solving social and environmental problems. Together with our customers, the Fujitsu Group aims to contribute to the SDGs globally through provision of ICT services.

FY 2018 Performance and Results

Targets under the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII) Last fiscal year
(FY 2018 results)
Contribute to the sustainable development of society through provision of ICT services. 18 cases published externally (25 cases of solutions that contribute to a sustainable society)

Publishing Cases of Initiatives that Contribute to the Development of a Sustainable Society Through ICT Services

Eighteen new cases of contributions have been posted on our website, including automated AI analysis of surveillance footage, and also combining this with the large capacity and high-speed processing technology of supercomputers to provide solutions that achieve smart surveillance of entire cities, and solutions that perform simulation analysis of car crash tests to evaluate crash safety performance without needing to produce large numbers of test cars for actual crash tests.

Initiatives Toward a Sustainable Society: Reducing GHG Emissions Through ICT

Implementing ICT reduces the use of energy and resources and the movement of people and things, cuts down on office space and other things that can be made more efficient, which lead to reduced GHG emissions. The Fujitsu Group is quantifying GHG reduction effects through the implementation of ICT, and will be working to help expand the reduction in GHG emissions of customers and society as a whole.

GHG Emission Reduction through the Provision of ICT

Examples of Contributions to SDGs

The Fujitsu Group contributes to the sustainable society advocated by the SDGs through the provision of ICT services.

SDG-related Activities in Fujitsu