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Expand the Use of Renewable Energy

Our Approach

The popularization and widespread use of renewable energy is becoming increasingly necessary as a way of addressing global warming, securing stable energy supplies through the diversification of our energy sources, and as an energy-based foundation for economic growth.
The Fujitsu Group has established an environmental vision aimed at realizing a decarbonized society. The main pillars for this vision are a dedication to energy conservation, and the active implementation of renewable energy . To achieve this vision, we have set new quantitative targets in the Environmental Action Plan, and are actively promoting the installation of solar power generation equipment at our business sites, as well as the use, purchase, and expansion of green power (electric power generated with 100% renewable energy) at overseas business sites, where costs are relatively reasonable.

FY 2018 Performance and Results

Targets under the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII) Last fiscal year
(FY 2018 results)
Expand the renewable energy usage rate to 6% or higher. 8.6%.

Usage Rate Target Increased to 8.6%

The amount of renewable energy we used in FY 2018 was approximately 183 GWh, due to our purchase of green energy, solar power generation through solar panels, etc. This made up 8.6% of our entire energy consumption, and meant we achieved the target value set in the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII).
We will continue to work toward the implementation of renewable energy in both our domestic and overseas business offices, in order to further our purchase and usage of renewable energy.

Fujitsu Finland Ltd. Green Power CertificateFujitsu Finland Ltd. Green Power Certificate

Change in Amount of Renewable Energy Used by the Fujitsu Group