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Support for Grape Cultivation Using a Multi-Sensing Network

Since June 2011, Fujitsu has been providing a multi-sensing network to Okunota Winery, Inc., which Fujitsu employees visit as part of an agricultural outreach experience. The network automatically collects temperature, precipitation, and humidity data from the vineyard, which helps produce high quality wine. The timing of the grape harvest and careful monitoring of pigment levels are essential for expert viticulture, which is apparently assisted by an understanding of temperature fluctuations in the vineyard. Previously, data collection was managed by manual checking and analysis. Using the multisensing system, however, allows constant collection of data in 10-minute intervals every day and night of the year.

Statistical analysis of data collected over four years has identified temperature and humidity conditions that encourage growth of microbes and mold, major detrimental factors to grapes. By configuring the system so that it judges long periods of these temperature and humidity conditions as a dangerous environment, alerts are sent to the smartphones of vineyard staff allowing them to take the necessary disease prevention and pest control countermeasures at the right time. This has led to less frequent sprayings of agricultural chemicals and shorter person-hours for the viticulturists.

Leveraging ICT in this way helps increase the quality management of wine. The winery's Wine Venus Sakurazawa Chardonnay is selected as one of The Wonder 500™ ("local products that are the pride and joy of Japan but not yet known outside of Japan") by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Schematic of the multi-sensing network system at Okunota Winery, Inc.

Winemaking by Voluntary Participation of Employees
Grape Cultivation at "Fujitsu GP2020 Wine Farm"


Fujitsu employees and their family members help farm work at "Fujitsu GP2020 Wine Farm" located in the wine farm of Okunota Winery. Together with the owner of the winery, who aims at making the world's finest wine, we take on the challenge of cultivating Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that are said to be difficult to grow in Japan and of producing great-tasting Fujitsu GP2020 wine.

Aim of Activity

  • Biodiversity conservation: Learn the importance of biodiversity conservation through activities at farms that employ biodiversity-conscious farming methods
  • Local contribution: Provide financial and manpower support for alleviation of unused agricultural land
  • Manpower buildup: Deepen the understanding of the issues at farms and rural communities (Satoyama) while enjoying farm work

Picture: Production of Fujitsu GP2020 Wine