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Regeneration and Collaboration Forest

"I want to do something to help the regeneration!"

Miyako City in Iwate Prefecture is located at the east end of the main island of Japan. It has a beautiful rias coastline, while its mountainside is rich in flora and fauna.

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. It caused serious damage to coastal towns and the rich ocean of Sanriku.

Years have passed since that day, and the nation's and municipality's reconstruction projects are progressing. "But, I want to do something to help the reconstruction!" Fujitsu employees and their family members who shared such a thought gathered from all over Japan, and the "Regeneration and Collaboration Forest" project started in October 2013.

Two activity programs, "Know the Place" and "Forest Restoration Activity"

True reconstruction is not for the locals to keep receiving support from other people but for them to become able to live in their own workplaces once again. "There must be a lot more we can do" towards recognizing this goal. Let's go and experience it. Let's start with knowing the area.

Each session of the project spans two days, with each day allocated for two different activity programs. The first day is spent learning about the area, and the second day is a practical forest restoration activity.

Activities in FY2014

Helping the "Creation of Forest" in the Belief of a Bright Future

On the 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun) of June, the second session of the forest restoration activity "Regeneration and Collaboration Forest" was held.

The forest restoration activity "Regeneration and Collaboration Forest" started in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, for the purpose of reconstruction and local revitalization. A total of 85 Fujitsu Group employees and their family members from all over Japan including Shikoku, Hokuriku and metropolitan areas participated in the activity.

Activity on June 14: "Know the Place"

Participants traveled from Morioka to Miyako on a bus, while listening to a railroad worker of the Sanriku Railway.
The railroad worker explained that the beautiful coastline of Joudogahama beach had returned within just one year of the Earthquake, thanks to volunteer activities of divers from all over Japan. When participants visited Taro, by changing to the Kita Riasu Line of Sanriku Railway, which was fully reopened in April, they viewed footage of oncoming tsunami waves as high as 29.28m and listened to disaster experiences. Participants were struck by nature's miracles, the terror of the tsunami, as well as the importance of disaster prevention and efforts and future reconstruction tasks.

June 15 was the day for forest restoration activity.

Some rain was anticipated, but the weather remained favorable. Participants joined Iwate Branch staff and headed for the planting location.
When they arrived at the location and looked at the previous year's planting area, the saplings planted were growing healthily, having survived the severe winter of Kuzakai Heights, which is considered to be the coldest place in Japan's main island.

Many children joined this year's event. The youngest participant was four years old. The saplings planted will grow for many years just like these kids will grow into adults. During that period, the saplings will assist in restoring and maintaining a healthy forest, river, and the ocean of Sanrikuoki.

"I want to contribute for a long time, albeit slowly." Each sapling was carefully planted with hopes for a bright future.

Voice of Employees: 'Participating in the event'

  • "I have participated in volunteer activities in disaster-hit areas every year, but it was the first time I participated in an activity like this one. The activity was fun compared to the hard work carried out in normal activities (like plowing a field and removing stones) and my kids seemed very happy. It was refreshing to me as well to know there was such a way of offering support.
    The actual footage and the current situation at the site, future disaster-prevention activities... they were all easy to understand. I would like to maintain my awareness of the disaster so that the memory of the Great East Japan Earthquake doesn't fade away."
  • "I had a more fulfilling time than I had expected over these two days. I am so very grateful to have such a precious opportunity. I assume it is not easy to plan such an event, but I hope it will be continued in the future."

Name: Forest Restoration Activity "Regeneration and Collaboration Forest"
Date: June 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun), 2014
Location: Miyako, Iwate
Course: Day 1 Local experience
Day 2 Forest restoration activity
Participant: Total of 85 Fujitsu Group employees and their family members

Activities in FY2013

Connecting with the Area

The first event was held on the 12th (Sat) and 13th (Sun) of October, based on the theme "Connecting with the Area".

Activity on October 13: "Know the Area"

Participants listened to graphic disaster experience stories from the locals of Taro, an area that suffered from major tsunami damage. They also viewed real footage of the tsunami, and visited a Masaki Wakame (seaweed) processing plant, which resumed operations one year after the disaster.

Second day is Forest Restoration Activity
After listening to an explanation that the saplings they plant would contribute to restoring and maintaining a healthy ocean in Sanrikuoki over many years, the participants carefully planted saplings, hoping they will grow healthily.

Voices of Employees: 'Participating in the event'

"Both myself and my child had a very good experience participating in this event.
Especially, visiting the disaster-hit places and listening to the stories of local people made us realize the scale of the disaster and the importance of disaster prevention. Additionally, during the forest restoration activity, we learned that planting saplings is not the end of the activity, but that we can keep watching them in the future. I am very happy to have a connection with a place to which I had no chance to previously visit.
(Misa Nagumo, Corporate Brand Room, Global Marketing Group)

Name: Forest Restoration Activity "Regeneration and Collaboration Forest"
Date: October 12 (Sat) and 13 (Sun), 2013
Location: Miyako, Iwate
Course: Day 1 Local experience
Day 2 Forest restoration activity
Participant: Total of 76 Fujitsu Group employees and their family members

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