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To envision a better future and provide a new value for society, the program provides the capabilities to judge and act on the spot based on a sense of the Common Good – what will be good for society in rapidly changing business situation with having local and global viewpoints.

Program structure of Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge consists of three pillars to develop these capabilities.

Practical Wisdom = Judgment + Action

Capability to judge Capability to judge what is good in a changing context
⇒ through the study of Management Theory and Liberal Arts
Capability to Act Capability for making decisions, exercising political power, appreciating human interaction, and judging goodness
⇒ through the study of Methodology and Practice

3.5 Months Schedule

*About Capstone Project
Capstone Project is the core of the program. Participants work on their own project in which formulate a plan for innovation to create new value for the belonging community utilizing the knowledge acquired through the program.

Find out more about Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge on Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation website.

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