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Recent Graduates

Message for Applicants

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your interest in Fujitsu. Job hunting is a serious activity and although you may feel unsure at times, this is the time to achieve your goals. This website allows us to introduce Fujitsu to you and to facilitate the announcement of candidate selections.

"People" are the foundation of any company. The power of creation, the heart of appreciation and the driving force of the "give it a try" attitude. Each employee, instilled with the courage of a leader and the adventurous (can do) spirit, supports Fujitsu by setting high goals and striving to achieve them. It can really be said that "every employee plays a leading role".

We have prepared an employee story as a means of introducing the company to staff. [Japanese language only]

Confronting the harshness of reality with a trial and error approach, at times troubled, at times triumphant, he or she who strives to attain their goals is Fujitsu's "image of talent". These are the employees who create the "Fujitsu stage" and it is on this stage that employees can achieve a high level of "self development" and "market value" as a professional.

We eagerly await your high-spirited knock at the door with the "I shall create the next story" attitude.