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HPC Offerings

Providing supercomputer systems for a wide variety of needs

Partner of choice for HPC platforms

Our next-generation high-performance distributed and grid computing platforms are bringing answers to many of the challenges currently facing business and society within reach. Positioned as the partner of choice for high-performance computing (HPC) systems, we have developed and delivered state-of-the-art solutions across the widest range of applications. Building on a successful track recordspanning the past 30 years, we complement our expansive product lineup with a full service and support portfolio covering everything from the development of bespoke solutions to operations and maintenance. With core skills in all HPC design layers – including interconnects, operating system software, middleware and compilers – we are ideally positioned to help you maximize the return on your HPC investment.

We are committed in particular to extending the benefits of HPC beyond the academic and research community to commercial organizations. Through our HPC Walesproject, for instance, we are creating a center of excellence for specialist computational research that is pushing supercomputing abilities to organizations that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford such high-tech infrastructure.


FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX100

  • Employs SPARC64TM XIfx processors
  • Ultra-high-speed and Ultra-large-scale
  • High Density Packing and Water Cooling
  • Application Performance and Simple Programming Environment
  • Highly Efficient Job Execution
  • High Reliability and Operability

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x86 PRIMERGY server - based High Performance Computing solutions

x86 PRIMERGY server-based High Performance Computing solutions

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K computer- Japan's Next-Generation Supercomputer

K computer

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General-purpose three-dimensional electromagnetic wave analysis software
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Integrated Platform for Computational Chemistry
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