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Space We provide cutting-edge information and communication technologies that allow satellites, probes and orbiters to reliably carry out their missions as they travel through space. Our high-performance platforms are used to build the ground-based systems that receive data transmitted from space, track control operations and process observational data.


Meteorology We deliver high-performance information and communication technologies that collect, aggregate and distribute meteorological observation data – around the clock. This data is used to forecast weather, predict natural disasters and orchestrate response plans to pending disasters.


Astronomy Here we develop high-performance observation control, analysis and archiving systems for some of the world’s largest telescopes. Our systems gather vast volumes of radio wave data from the distant universe with unprecedented levels of sensitivity and resolution. This allows scientists to see back in time and explore our cosmic origins.

Research Bodies

Research Bodies We support some of the world’s leading research organizations by providing non-stop, high-volume measurement and analytical capabilities that allow researchers to turn the massive data streams they collect into new scientific discoveries and findings.