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Smart Network Management Solution

Smart Network Management Solution measures the amount of power used by consumers with Smart Meter, collects and manages data with Smart Network technology, which also supervises and manages operations, and utilizes measurement data for various business operations.

Overview of Smart Network Management Solution

By introducing Smart Meter, it becomes possible to collect data more frequently on the energy used by each power consumer. On the other hand, because the amount of information gathered from power consumers is increasing greatly, a feature is needed to efficiently collect and manage data, and to quickly allow the necessary information to be filtered or searched.

To make the best use of the acquired information, Fujitsu provides Smart Network Management Solution which is equipped with features for data collection and management, and supervision of large-scale networks. In addition, as part of its linkage feature, Smart Network Management Solution offers flexible linkage to minimize the effects on existing business systems by acting as a bridge to business systems that use energy consumption data.

Features of Meter Data Management System

Data Collection Functions

  • Reliable data collection of vast meter-data
  • Large scale traffic transaction in telecom
  • Security

Monitoring & Operation Mgt

  • Efficient management of ten million units

Data Management Functions

  • Efficient management of vast meter data
  • Flexible business system integration

Smart Network Management Solution