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Secure System

Today companies’ information security begins with controlling access to end-user devices. Protect confidential data and programs by accurately verifying and authenticating PC users and effectively preventing unauthorized use. To tackle those issues, Fujitsu security solutions are the first choice. They are easy-to-use software tools, based on a modern user interface and offer a high level of access- and data protection.

Workplace Protect Workplace Protect

Workplace Protect manages access to end-user devices. It protects confidential data and programs by accurately verifying and authenticating PC users, and effectively preventing unauthorized use.

Workplace Manager Workplace Manager

Workplace Manager enables IT administrators of small and mid-size Windows domains to manage the security settings centrally and remotely within their network.

EraseDisk Erase Disk

EraseDisk makes it simple and fast for system administrators to completely wipe all data on a hard disk drive and solid state drives when they decommission a device.

Workplace Embedded Tools Workplace embedded

Workplace Embedded Tools are a set of intelligent tools integrated in the BIOS of a single device. They help to offload the IT department’s daily workload by offering routine functions to keep a device up-to-date.

Data Rooms/File Exchange Service Web Privacy Service

Data leakage and loss has been identified as one of the major security threats to modern IT infrastructures for a long time. Many of the successful security breaches in recent years were only possible due to unprotected Web usage. Fujitsu and its partner Uniscon solve this issue with the ID|GARD Data Rooms/File Exchange Service.