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Security Products

The combination of Fujitsu user security expertise and partnerships with leading security vendors ensure that our Client Computing Devices deliver superior security as standard. Our optional user security products and solutions are easy to integrate in existing IT infrastructures and may be enhanced with complementary software and hardware offerings to meet unique user security requirements.

Add-on security Add-on Security

Do you want to work extra safely? No matter what kind of security solutions you need, local or global, we have already thought about it and offer what you are looking for.

Drive encryption Drive encryption

In a mobile world, you take your data with you wherever you go. It just takes one look in the wrong direction and your notebook or tablet can be stolen. Can you really afford to let your files fall into the wrong hands?

Extended BIOS features Dynamic Infrastructures

Imagine you rush out of the train and, seconds too late, realize: You left your notebook behind. But there is still a chance to get it back. Once the finder realizes he can’t use the system without your SmartCard and PIN, he might want to bring it back.

Hardware security Hardware security

Lock your notebook in place. Modern notebooks are lightweight, small and therefore easy to steal. But besides from the obvious loss of property, the former owner also loses his or her valuable data. All notebooks from Fujitsu have integrated Kensington lock support – a simple and elegant way to keep your notebook where it belongs.

Privacy Filter Privacy Filter

For protection and privacy, Privacy filters help block the screen view from anyone viewing the computer from a side view. 3M’s unique microlouver privacy technology only allows people directly in front of the computer to see on-screen data clearly. 3M offers the broadest line of computer filters available.

SmartCard Readers SmartCase™ SmartCard Readers

A variety of SmartCard reader/writers to enhance security for systems that lack a build-in reader.

Kensington Lock Kensington Lock

Keep your notebook to yourself. Modern notebooks are light-weight, small and therefore easy to steal. Even a PC or Workstation can be stolen. But besides from the obvious loss of property, the former owner also loses his or her valuable data. Therefore all Fujitsu Business Clients offer Kensington lock support. Make sure your property stays where it belongs.