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Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution Smart Mobility SPATIOWL

The SPATIOWL name is derived from the prefix "Spatio," meaning "space," combined with "OWL," an ancient symbol of wisdom. It designates a service for the integrated management of many types of transportation-related data using Big Data analytics and Cloud Computing technology.
The service can deal with large amounts of data coming from multiple sources such as public transportations, vehicles, and pedestrians' smartphones in urban areas through sensors. It aggregates and analyzes across various data layers, and provides new insights from the analyzed data to identify relevant actions in the user context.


SPATIOWL is a computing platform incorporating the following key architectural components:

  • A Data Layer Management: Apache Hadoop-based Big Data management database.
  • Functional Applications: Specific applications such as urban traffic management, telematics and analytics functionalities.
  • API: Standardized REST (Representational State Transfer) Architecture API for integration with external systems
  • Map: OSM (Open Street Map)-based maps for the rendering of information to users, etc.