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Urban Traffic Management

Sensor-based traffic information to monitor urban traffic flow and incidents (e.g., car accidents, congestions, disabled vehicle, fire, etc.) via smartphone application used as roadside sensors.

SPATIOWL probe traffic information service provides cost effective and better urban traffic monitoring solutions that allow users to visualize real-time urban traffic flow and incidents such as car accidents or breakdowns, or fire by using smartphones as roadside monitoring sensors.

The SPATIOWL service allows for the collection of various probe data such as vehicle location, time and speed, and the processing to generate and accumulate traffic information, such as congestion conditions and their duration.

For road maintenance patrol drivers on their way to a routine road check, information would be made available through the activation of icons on their smartphone. The data can automatically be stored in Fujitsu cloud computers and the location information of incidents would reach the traffic control center within 2 or 3 seconds.