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Applications of SPATIOWL

services have already been launched commercially and there are many other possible applications of the technology.

Urban Traffic Management UrbanTrafficMgmt

Sensor-based traffic information to monitor urban traffic flow and incidents (e.g., car accidents, congestions, disabled vehicle, fire, etc.) via smartphone application used as roadside sensors.

Advanced Telematics Service AdvancedTelematicsService

Accurate prediction of traffic congestion and ability to search various alternative routes, by combining data from real-time vehicle location, taxi-probe and nation-wide traffic monitoring sensors.

Traffic/People Flow Planning TrafficPeopleFlowPlanning

Predictive analysis of dynamic urban traffics and of people's behavior at large-scale event or commuter traffic in huge urban spaces.

Multi-modal Transportations multimodal

Integration of various real-time transportation data with travel time of pedestrians and bikers to indicate to users optimized routes based on their needs.

Charging Stations Management ChargingStationsMgmt

Deployment of a platform to connect between the real-time operational data of hydrogen-charge station or EV motor cycle battery and its users.