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Smart Mobility

Enabler of Smart Mobility - SPATIOWL

What does come up to mind when you hear the term "Mobility"? Does it just mean the ability to move from location A to location B, or does it relate to the public transportations you may use in your everyday commute and travel, or does it evoke the annoying moment being seated next to strangers for several minutes or the desperation while driving on congested highways.

Many commuters dream, for instance, of an innovative smartphone application that would recommend the best itinerary from the current position to a point of interest, by cleverly combining data from public transport, car sharing, bike sharing and other services; Or of an application that can help them get to other locations of interest, taking into account their user profile and preferences. We refer to this type of capabilities as Multi-modal transport or Multi-modal Shift.

For road traffic operators, Traffic Management systems could be made so much more effective and efficient by leveraging a centrally-managed integration service platform to process real-time urban traffic data. They would assist users to visualize the points of congestion and direct possible actions to take based on fast-speed analysis and prediction, thus providing truly dynamic urban mobility solution to the public.

Mobility in the future will be more dynamic and human-centric. It will provide ways for users to optimize their moves by using applications and services that can process real-time conditions and provide accurate instantaneous information about various locations of interest. We describe such capabilities as "Smart Mobility". And "SPATIOWL" provides the infrastructure and services to achieve Smart Mobility through the Fujitsu Cloud Computing capabilities, leveraging Fujitsu transportation expertise, its Big Data management and analytics capabilities.