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IT Solutions for the Human Centric Workplace

IT Solutions for the Human Centric Workplace

At Fujitsu we help you to mobilize and modernize your business. Our specialized IT solutions enable you to create workplaces that balance employee autonomy with management control. Find out more about Fujitsu's IT solutions for the modern workplaceOpen a new window.
We cover a range of areas from sustainability and green IT to security and smart grid technology. Take a look at the following pages to learn more about Fujitsu's extensive portfolio of IT solutions.

Smart Mobility Smart Mobility

Mobility in the future will be more dynamic and human-centric.
SPATIOWL, an enabler of Smart Mobility, designates a service for the integrated management of many types of transportation-related data using big data analytics and cloud computing technology.

Smart Grid

There have been growing expectations for Smart Grid, a next-generation distribution network that uses ICT technology to optimize power supply.

Technical Computing

Tackling projects together with our customers to realize the dreams of mankind in a variety of scientific and technical fields.

Secure your business with Security Services, Solutions and Products from Fujitsu Security Product overview

Mobility and connectivity are key to success in Day to day business life. Managers travel a lot, exchanging sensitive data every day using WLAN, embedded UMTS or any Network available. Therefore, the need for securing data is also becoming more and more important.

Sustainability Solutions Solutions sustainability

Fujitsu helps your organization optimize the efficiency of its ICT equipment and data centers, saving you money and reducing greenhouse gas. While our Enterprise Sustainability Services align your environmental objectives with your business goals for sustainable operations.