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Messaging as a Service

An enterprise-class Microsoft Exchange 2010 email solution in the cloud

As an essential corporate tool, organizations expect their email to always be available. However, many businesses find it difficult to manage the high volumes of email messages and attachments that need to be stored, usually to comply with corporate policies and regulations. In addition, email systems that are not managed properly open the door to malicious threats that can have a harmful impact on a business.

To eliminate the burden of managing email, more organizations are moving their email functions to the cloud. With secure access to email resources on demand, they can guarantee availability and free up their IT department to focus on more important tasks.

A trusted email service in the cloud

Fujitsu’s Messaging as a Service (MaaS) provides a complete Microsoft Exchange 2010 email and calendaring environment.

Maas, part of the Fujitsu Workspace Suite, is ideal for organizations that want to refresh their email environment, reduce the total cost of ownership of their IT systems, or for organizations that need to contend with a fluctuating workforce.

Fujitsu’s MaaS provides a viable and compelling alternative to on-premises deployment. It enables you to reap the benefits of the cloud, while overcoming potential concerns about the security of confidential information. MaaS also addresses issues relating to where data will reside, and ensures seamless integration of cloud-based email with your wider IT service. We achieve this by offering Fujitsu’s MaaS as a private or hybrid cloud – that is, a combination of public and private cloud functionality - to best meet your specific needs.

With Fujitsu’s Messaging as a Service, you can:
  • Reduce costs – a flexible pricing structure on a subscription basis ensures you only pay for the service you use 
  • Take advantage of enterprise-grade email services from reliable and secure data centers with up to 99.99% availability if needed 
  • Easily add and remove mailboxes as required 
  • Leverage the latest email platform without the need to deploy any infrastructure within your own organization 
  • Fully integrate your cloud-based email service with existing applications and support users with a common service desk 
  • Enable SLAs to be tailored to meet your organization’s needs

A solution for all business users

Fujitsu’s MaaS is flexible, so you can tailor the service to meet the specific requirements and demands of your business – delivered from either one of Fujitsu’s data centers or potentially on-premise.

It supports both rich client and web access users; optional components including Archiving and Compliance, Fax, Blackberry Mobility and Unified Messaging, all on a user per month basis.

As part of Fujitsu Productivity Suite the service can also deliver a private cloud version of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Lync Online.