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Transformational Application Managed Services

Challenges of the changing digital landscape

Our world is being rapidly transformed by digital technology, and this digital transformation is providing organizations with the opportunity to develop and grow into new markets. 
Within these new dynamic marketplaces, customers’ demands are high and competition is aggressive. Your organization therefore needs to use every available lever to stay one step ahead of your competitors, exceed your customers’ expectations and grow your market. 
Your organization must transform to provide the speed and flexibility that is now demanded in this new, rapidly changing digital landscape. Changes must be made without disruption to existing operations. The transformation that is required must not only be customer facing, it must also address your business operations. 
There is much to consider when implementing change, such as:
  • What does this rapid change mean for your application environment?
  • Is your current application environment fit for the new digital world?
  • Can you safeguard your investment in your current landscape while preparing for the future?
  • How will you maintain an attentive application environment in such a rapidly transforming, hybrid digital world?
  • How will you transform your application operations to support the demand for shorter and faster change cycles?

Fujitsu Application Management - digital transformation

Fujitsu can help you to overcome the challenges you face in transforming your business. 

FUJITSU Transformational Application Managed Services (Transformational AMS) is capable of supporting your unique applications enivornment and business requirements, in a manner that is cost effective, efficient and agile. 

Our Application Managed Service is a full life-cycle solution for effective application management. It bridges the gap between a rapidly changing digital landscape and your existing business operations, enabling you to embrace digital transformation and respond more rapidly to changing business needs while also drawing the greatest value from your investments in your existing applications. 

Our solutions are tailored to manage your entire application portfolio, in a way that best suits your unique application landscape and business requirements. Our AMS supports a hybrid digital world, and is built on a solid foundation that is high quality, customer focused and cost effective. This approach to operating both ‘high-speed’ and ‘traditional’ modes, adds value in the three areas of enhancing customer experience and satisfaction, increasing profitability and business value, and enabling faster time to market.

Enabling the fast introduction of new digital services

Fujitsu’s Transformational AMS delivers efficient services which enable you to reinvent your organization in four key phases:
  • Phase 1 – Transition: This marks the initiation of Transformational AMS – the review of current processes and tasks. It is the start of the transformation of the existing CAPEX-based model, to an improved OPEX-based business model.
  • Phase 2 – Manage: The Manage phase is responsible for the planning, scheduling and control of ongoing improvements in productivity and time to market.
  • Phase 3 – Business Insight: Our Business Insight services are the driver for targeted change, ensuring maximum utilization of your applications to support your business – today and in the future.
  • Phase 4 – Transform: Transform supports and drives the continual, even disruptive, changes required by fast changing market conditions - giving you an edge over your competitors.

Learn more about the Transformational AMS integrated lifecycle >>

Business Benefits of Transformational AMS

By outsourcing the management of your applications to Fujitsu, your organization gains a wide range of benefits. These include: 
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved productivity of business processes
  • Reduced time for operations allowing resources to be more focused on strategic initiatives
  • Ensured business continuity and security as well as improved performance
  • Improved manageability, flexibility and predictability of business operations
  • A better understanding of the value of applications
  • An application portfolio aligned to your business needs

Why choose Fujitsu?

Partnering with us enables you to meet your customers’ demands and remain ahead of your competitors:
  • Our services offer your organization the speed and flexibility it needs to embrace the new digital world
  • Through our Business Insight services, which incorporate the latest methodologies and tools, we can help you to better understand your own processes
  • We can enable you to stay one step ahead by using insights provided by our analytics and field innovations
  • Our bi-modal IT approach is based on Fujitsu's DevOps framework which enables fast-track transformation
  • Our Hybrid IT radically simplifies IT complexity
  • Our Sense & Respond, which is based on Lean methodologies, provides a continuous improvement services approach
At Fujitsu we have a long-standing and proven track record of application modernization, and partner with ‘best of breed’ industry players world-wide. We are constantly innovating to develop the solutions you need to enable you to advance in a rapidly changing digital age.

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