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ETERNUS HB5100 is a midrange hybrid storage array designed with adaptive caching algorithms to address a large range of application workloads – database collaboration, VMware, video and high performance computing. Supporting multiple high speed host interfaces, including NVMe over fabric (NVMe-OF); ETERNUS HB5100 delivers over 1 million sustained IOPS and response times in sub-microseconds which benefit performance intensive and data intensive workloads. ETERNUS HB5100 support twenty-four 2.5 inch SAS HDD and/or SSD

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Accelerates Business Applications

    • Significantly improve the overall efficiency of IT operations while continuing to meet performance requirements from business operations.
    • Accelerate write IOPS and read/write throughput with an end-to-end NVMe storage platform that’s purpose-built for high-performance
    • Increases performance for big data analytics applications such as Splunk by up to 2x, enabling you to search and analyze data in half the time.
    • Higher performance with solid-state drives (SSDs) enables the ETERNUS HB5100 to maximize storage density, requiring fewer disks to meet your performance objectives.
    Continuous availability

      • ETERNUS HB5100 storage systems enable you to achieve greater than 99.9999% availability and provide data integrity and security
      • Validates data integrity and protects against silent data corruption
      • All management tasks are carried out while the storage remains online with complete read/write data access. Storage administrators can make configuration changes and conduct maintenance without disrupting application I/O.
      • Background monitoring proactively scans media and tracks drive health against defined thresholds.
      Flexible configuration Options

        • A Linux-based Docker Container service to embed applications on the ETERNUS HB5100. It enables cost-effective converged infrastructure for targeted workloads. Examples include applications related to analytics, video surveillance, and HPC workloads.
        • Enables the automation and agility that are needed in the DevOps-based IT revolution
        • Built in a 2U or 4U enclosure, delivering the performance of over two-thousand 15,000-RPM drives while requiring under 2% of the rack space, power, and cooling the HB5100 helps significantly improve the overall efficiency of IT operations while continuing to meet performance requirements from business operations

        Technical details

        Host InterfacesFC (4, 8,16,32Gbit/s)
        NVMe over FC (32Gbit/s)
        iSCSI (10, 25Gbit/s)
        IB (100Gbit/s)
        NVMe over InfiniBand (100Gbit/s)
        NVMe over RoCE (100Gbit/s)
        SAS (12Gbit/s)
        Maximum Disk Drives444
        Maximum Storage Capacity5407 TB
        No. of host interfaces4 Port [FC (4Gbit/s)]
        4 Port [FC (4, 8, 16Gbit/s)]
        8 Port [FC (32Gbit/s)]
        8 Port [NVMe over FC (32Gbit/s)]
        12 Port [iSCSI (10Gbit/s)]
        8 Port [iSCSI (25Gbit/s)]
        4 Port [IB (100Gbit/s)]
        4 Port [NVMe over InfiniBand (100Gbit/s)]
        4 Port [NVMe over RoCE(100Gbit/s)]
        8 Port [SAS (12Gbit/s)]
        Max. no. of hosts512
        Supported RAID levels0, 1, 1+0, 3, 5, 6, DDP
        Drive interface12G SAS(MiniSAS HD)
        Thin ProvisioningYes
        Remote Copy functionalitySynchronous and asynchronous

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