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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) line interactive

Fujitsu UPS devices ensure high-performance power supply protection for systems and data, and thus provide reliable protection against power failure, current fluctuations and electrical interference. Fujitsu offers both line interactive (VI) and online (VFI) devices with double conversion technology in line with the UPS classification according to IEC 62040-3. Capacities of up to 3000VA provide the right power supply and technology for all individual requirements.
The use of uninterruptible power supplies can particularly benefit your company from a financial viewpoint: Having to search for and restore lost or damaged data after a power failure can cost a great deal of time and money. In such incidents UPS helps to protect your data.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Greater reliability
  • System failures caused by power interruptions are prevented
  • Ease of maintenance through APC QuickSwap
  • Uninterrupted swapping of batteries
  • Investment protection
  • Damage to sensitive computer electronics and the destruction of important data are prevented
  • Use of management software, such as APC PowerChute Business Edition (only via a serial or USB port), APC PowerChute Network Shutdown and ServerView Suite
  • Simple handling and control of the UPSs

Technical details

Apparent power750 VA - 3,000 VA
Output voltage230 V
UPS Slots1 smart card slot
Interfaces1x serial port plus cable, 1x USB port plus cable