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Fujitsu Reduces Mobile Total Cost of Ownership for Multinationals

Munich, June 03, 2016

News facts:

  • Fujitsu customers gain access to a powerful data, billing and invoice management service via a partnership with Tangoe 
  • Customers can substantially reduce mobile total cost of ownership (TCO) through vendor optimization and usage management 
  • Employers benefit from increased visibility and transparency for employers, employees benefit from ease of use in using mobile devices while traveling on business

Multinational organizations can expect substantial reductions in total cost of ownership (TCO) for managing employees’ mobile devices, thanks to a new alliance agreement between Fujitsu and Tangoe which adds a powerful range of Telecom Expense Management capabilities to Fujitsu Managed Mobile services.

The era of hyperconnectivity is transforming how organizations need to approach the challenge of managing the data, billing and accounting of mobile services they provide to their workforce. Mobile data and call costs – especially when roaming – have long presented a conundrum for employers, with regard to whether it is better to cap or restrict costs at the expense of employee productivity, or to allow restriction-free roaming, along with the implications of unexpectedly large mobile bills.

Through partnering with Tangoe, Fujitsu is giving its customers new tools to manage mobile usage across the workforce, especially when it comes to managing costs. Available immediately, Fujitsu customers enjoy increased visibility and transparency in terms of managing workforce mobile telephony and data usage, especially while roaming. As a benefit from the new partnership, Fujitsu customers gain access to Tangoe’s Matrix technology and services platform. This manages device provisioning, supports multi-language and multi-currency localization requirements, and can process invoices originating in more than 190 countries.

Karyn Jeffery, Head of End User Services, Global Delivery, Fujitsu says: “By teaming up with Tangoe, Fujitsu’s new Telecom Expense Management services gives customers peace of mind with the assurance that mobile roaming costs for calls and data are under control, freeing their employees to simply using their devices as normal while they’re on the road. The service also gives organizations a more granular level of control over the mobile costs incurred by multinational workforces, without impacting on their productivity or connectivity.”

James Foy, Chief Executive (acting) of Tangoe says: “Managing an enterprise mobile program for employees around the world has significant cost and management pressures on IT budgets and resources. Fujitsu is tapping into our expertise in expense management to provide its customers with the powerful benefits of enterprise mobility while offering a dramatically lower total cost of ownership.”

Service availability

Fujitsu Telecom Expense Management services are a new addition to Fujitsu Managed Mobile, a global cloud service that enables customers to efficiently deploy and manage mobile devices, deliver mobile applications and data securely, and provide support for end users.

Notes to editors:

Fujitsu Telecom Expense Management services help customers:

  • Simplify and control global procurement of new and replacement mobile devices 
  • Reduce administrative resources to manage telecom expenses while ensuring monthly invoicing is audited and paid according to contracted rates 
  • Optimize and discover opportunities for additional, ongoing savings 
  • With global business reporting across currencies and carriers 
  • Reduce mobility costs by providing visibility and savings over their wireless telecom infrastructure and spend

Fujitsu Telecom Expense Management services offer:

  • Invoice processing: complete procure-to-pay processing including invoice receipt, approvals, payments and tracking of carrier billing 
  • Zero Use Devices: identify and eliminate costs associated with zero use devices – provisioned handsets that are not being used 
  • Cost Allocation: allocate cost for all telecom assets according to corporate policies and procedures 
  • Contract Management: capture and maintain all contract data, terms and conditions to achieve better audit results and anticipate upcoming renewals 
  • Ongoing Optimization: patented analysis of mobile usage patterns and resulting solutions for maximizing mobile services 
  • Optional Advisory Services: includes sourcing, benchmarking and value case creation

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Date: 03 June, 2016
City: Munich