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Denmark Valio and Fujitsu renew ICT service agreement in good partnership spirit

August 04, 2009

One of Finland's largest food company Valio Oy and ICT services supplier Fujitsu Services Oy have renewed their ICT services agreement. The agreement, signed in June, covers a wide range of IT services both in IT infrastructure and application services for the years 2010-2012.

The partnership between Valio and Fujitsu dates back to 1995 when Valio outsourced its IT to Fujitsu. Currently the services incorporate the Patja services as well as application support and further development services for the customer's logistics and milk procurement functions, for example.

Valio has 15 production plants in Finland. The Valio group consists of the parent company Valio Oy and its subsidiaries in Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Belgium, USA and China.

Apart from desktop services Valio's Patja also incorporates server availability and management services. All in all, the services cover some 2,500 workstations and 300 servers. Valio will now also have the end-to-end product service at its disposal. Thereby Fujitsu will manage the workstation replacement process for the entire company..

The most important element of the applications incorporated in the continuous services is SAP, on which Fujitsu offers application support and further development services. Valio uses SAP as the key information system in sales, logistics and enterprise resource management.

The new agreement expands the service, supplementing it with contract management of third parties, for example. From now on nearly all Valio employees' IT problems will be processed through Fujitsu's Service Desk. Fujitsu handles the routing of the service requests as well as monitoring the progress of their processing and communications to the customer. Instead of response time, problem resolution time will now be emphasised in the service.

"We had a nice spirit of partnership during the negotiations. Even though the competition was tough, Fujitsu clearly stood out from the crowd. Even our solicitors focused on the substance instead of splitting hairs, and you convinced them, too. This agreement brings new business to Fujitsu, and we firmly believe that it will handle everything with excellence, as usual," says executive vice president Jyri-Pekka Kinnunen of Valio.

"It is a big deal for us to have this contract renewed. Our deep and long-term partnership weighed at every turn, shifting the emphasis on the actual substance of the contract instead of minor details. Valio benefits from the customer knowledge accumulated to us over the years, and it will most likely enable us to emphasise resolution time instead of response time," says CEO Yrjänä Ahto of Fujitsu.

"Our collaboration has been positive and constructive from day one. Fujitsu has always been prepared and willing to develop and adjust its processes to our needs. What weighed for us were first and foremost high quality, reliability and availability, and cost-efficiency was also a decisive factor," says IT director Pekka Tanner of Valio.

About Valio

Valio is a company owned by Finnish dairy farmers that secures milk production in Finland and the vitality of the nation's countryside by processing milk into tasty products that promote well-being. Quality, expertise and responsibility have served as Valio's guidelines for more than a century. Valio's net sales for 2008 amounted to 1,8 billion euros. Valio Group comprises the parent company Valio Ltd and its subsidiaries in Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Belgium, China and the United States. In 2008 the Group employed 4 375 people, 744 of which were based in the international subsidiaries. Valio - Bringing taste to life! Read more at:

About Fujitsu Services Oy

Fujitsu Services Oy is the leading ICT services supplier in Finland. With its cutting edge ICT service models Patja and Sohva, the company facilitates the day-to-day operations of its customers in Finland and abroad by assuming the overall responsibility for the support services, operation and development of the customers' IT infrastructure and operational applications. Fujitsu's other areas of expertise include mobile work services, electronic services as well as Microsoft, SAP and EMC Documentum based solutions.The Finland based ICT services company Fujitsu's net sales for the financial year that ended in March 2009 amounted to 395 million euros. The company employs nearly 2,700 people in Finland and the Baltic countries. Fujitsu Finland is part of the global Fujitsu Group, one of the largest ICT services providers on a global scale. Our specialist network comprises 175,000 employees in 70 countries. Patja and Sohva are registered trademarks of Fujitsu Services Oy. Read more at:,

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Date: 04 August, 2009