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Denmark Fujitsu SynfiniWay V3 brings resiliency to Enterprise Clouds

November 11, 2009

Toulouse, France – 16 November 2009. Fujitsu released this year SynfiniWay V3, its integrated software framework for virtualised distributed computing. This version expands the capabilities for SynfiniWay to provide a foundation for resilient architectures incorporating globally scalable IT processes, extended enterprise and cloud computing. It represents a consolidation of the grid and service-oriented functionality that formed the basis of earlier versions.

Enterprises trying to optimise their global IT resources or create collaborative processes with partners are increasingly frustrated by the resulting complexity, lack of resilience and weak traceability. The release of SynfiniWay version 3 tackles these issues by enhancing its leading workflow technology, while adding significant new capabilities in meta-scheduling and administration.

“Companies today want to move to the next level of IT support of business goals – global solutions with quicker response to computing demands and easy scalability,” states David Papiah, CEO of Fujitsu Systems Europe. “With SynfiniWay organisations can create robust cloud solutions, whether it is to share existing resources distributed around the enterprise or combine resources in a workflow.”

The key features in SynfiniWay V3.0 include:

  • Resiliency in execution and file transfer. Rescheduling of compute tasks to other resources is executed in the face of hardware breakdown, resource exhaustion or other runtime errors. Network rerouting in the face of network cuts insures that file transfers will always resume and will always complete
  • Optimal usage of resources with faster results. A global meta-scheduler is released that allows SynfiniWay to direct tasks to the best location for execution, allowing resources to be used in the most effective way
  • Reuse of best practise templates and validated sub-processes. With the function of incorporation of pre-defined sub-workflows into a single process, organisations can publish and combine their local processes into a collaborative workflow, while ensuring protection of their intellectual property by publishing only the sub-workflow interface.
  • Single view of all servers and activities in the global framework. A graphical dashboard is released that allows administrators to dynamically monitor the activity on any site in the framework and act on the configuration as needed. The accounting performance and scope has been improved to record activity on larger frameworks.
  • Easy integration within existing business systems. Full-featured Java and Web APIs are released. End-users can retain their existing interface, whilst gaining access to global resources

SynfiniWay V3 enables companies to architect a solid and manageable IT infrastructure, whether it is to globally optimise their internal IT across distributed sites without limits on scalability, or to create dependable connections to external partners and resource providers for sharing automated processes and exchanging large-volume time-sensitive data.

About SynfiniWay

Making efficient use of distributed resources and scaling processes globally are today’s key IT challenges. SynfiniWay is a middleware to create a virtualised IT framework for internal and external clouds. It provides a complete integrated set of capabilities: leading workflow technology to orchestrate services from its internal directory, global meta-scheduler for optimal resource utilisation, and robust data movement of large-volume files. SynfiniWay brings resiliency and manageability, providing a single end-user view and significantly reduced IT complexity. For more information, please visit

About Fujitsu Systems Europe

Fujitsu Systems Europe is a strategic member of the Fujitsu Group, developing and supporting world-wide the SynfiniWay software – the industrialised service-oriented IT framework for technical computing. SynfiniWay is a complete framework for global scaling of enterprise processes, featuring global resource virtualisation, workflow management, meta-scheduling and implicit data movement. Our services, founded on dedicated expertise in technical and engineering computing, include the audit, design and deployment of SynfiniWay-based solutions for leading enterprises in automotive and aerospace, energy and oil markets, as well as outsourced compute centres.

Om Fujitsu

Fujitsu er Japans førende ICT (Information and Communication Technology) virksomhed og tilbyder en komplet portefølje af teknologiprodukter, løsninger og services. Omkring 140.000 Fujitsu-medarbejdere supporterer kunder i over 100 lande. Med udgangspunkt i vores lange erfaring og informationsteknologiens store styrke er vi med til at forme fremtiden i samarbejde med vores kunder. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) havde i det regnskabsår, der afsluttedes den 31. marts 2018, en konsolideret omsætning på 39 mia. US$. For mere information, se venligst og

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Date: 11 November, 2009