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Denmark Digita Renews Patja Collaboration with Fujitsu

May 28, 2007

ICT services company Fujitsu Services Oy and Digita Oy, a provider of wireless data network services, have signed a continuance agreement on the outsourcing of Digita's office environment.

"We made the right move three years ago, when we decided to outsource our IT infrastructure to Fujitsu. Now that we have gathered some experiences of the Patja operating model, we are very willing to continue on this path and adjust the agreement to meet our needs even better," says IT Director Risto Carlson.

Fujitsu manages Digita's office environment of some 500 workstations and 27 servers according to its Patja operating model. The Patja agreement covers help desk and on-site support services, LAN maintenance, and server availability and management services, among other things.

The new agreement brings many new elements to the service, such as workstation encryption service, product services and strong authentication for remote users through Fujitsu's CallSign method.

About Digita Oy

Digita Oy is a leading radio and television broadcasting company, and a considerable data network service provider and network infrastructure developer. The organisation that covers the entire country ensures the high quality of our services 24 hours a day. Digita’s customers include, for example, television and radio companies and mobile and broadband operators. Digita’s turnover in 2005 was 97 million euros. Altogether 380 people work for the company. Digita is a part of the international TDF Group.

Risto Carlson

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IT Director

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Date: 28 May, 2007