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Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia

The customer

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia (MORS) is the government body responsible for the protection of Slovenia against external threat and natural disasters. It is in charge of development, organization, deployment and management of defense systems, armed forces and civil defense. The ministry, including the Slovenian Armed Forces, employs approximately 8,900 people

The challenge

MORS has implemented an advanced information system for document and records management, which has standardized its business operations and increased the quality and efficiency of its business processes. Data in a production environment must be kept safe, ideally at two secure locations, so the ministry sought a solution that would allow quick and easy data backup, while allowing high reliability and availability of data.

The solution

Fujitsu implemented a safe data protection appliance, ETERNUS CS High End, at MORS. The installed appliance provides the ministry with highly reliable protection of data and gives a unique approach to its backup storage, as well as a consolidated, flexible and cost-efficient use of disk and tape media.

Fujitsu deployed the ETERNUS CS High End solution in the existing IT environment and managed its connections with other IT systems and networks. MORS has opted for backup to virtual libraries on ETERNUS CS High End with two additional physical tape libraries where simultaneous data backup takes place, managed by ETERNUS CS High End. Physical tape libraries are located at two different locations within the organization. The security of data and documents at MORS is of absolute importance therefore the backup system has no weak spots and no single point of failure.

The working environment at MORS consists of thousands of users who have access to the document management system from multiple locations. The dynamic environment and users generate around 4,000 documents every day. A large proportion of these documents are strictly confidential, so their safe-keeping is even more important. This is achieved using ETERNUS CS High End, providing a consolidated, flexible and cost-efficient use of disk and tape media for the backup. For even greater efficiency of storage, deduplication technology, with ETERNUS CS800 at the back-end, can be used which reduces required storage capacity by up to 70 percent.

The benefits

ETERNUS CS High End provides simple and fast backup to the selected storage media, in MORS case, virtual and physical tape. The appliance accelerates the backup process, consequently reducing the time window required. By implementing Fujitsu ETERNUS CS High End at MORS, the backup time was reduced by 80 percent, compared to the previous system that copied data onto the physical tape libraries.

The combination of disk and tape media for temporary and permanent storage of data assures the optimization of storage resources, as it uses fast hard drives for the preparation of backup content and tape drives for long-term safe storage.

  • ETERNUS CS High End disk cache provides fastest backup and restore
  • ETERNUS CS High End manages the tape storage and writes data simultaneously on multiple physical libraries at different locations
  • The use of physical tape media reduces the costs effectively
  • The use of physical tape media are proven for long durability and high capacity of data storage

Using the middle class tape media for libraries and long-term storage allowed MORS to reach a low total cost of ownership of its backup solution.


ETERNUS CS High End has enabled MORS to consolidate its heterogeneous backup environments, providing one virtual target for its HP Data Protector and Symantec Backup Exec software. Backup is carried out every 30 minutes and ensures peace of mind for the employees.

“Safe and reliable data storage is very important for all organizations, even more so for government institutions such as the Ministry of Defense. We are very happy with the infrastructure transformation for backup, using Fujitsu ETERNUS CS High End. The reliability of the storage environment increased and the backup time was shortened at the same time - by as much as 80 percent,” says Jurij Bertok, PhD, Chief Information and Communication Officer at the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia.

During the implementation phase, Fujitsu experts and S&T Slovenia staff (the system integrator for this project) showed vast and detailed knowledge of the information security area. The Fujitsu solution makes it easier, faster and cheaper to store sensitive customer data.

About Fujitsu

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