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Introduction to cross-language patent retrieval system


To meet the large-scale distributed data processing requirement in the cloud computing era, we study and develop out the inter-cloud application integration technology. This system integrates the current statistics machine translation technologies and realizes the cross-language patent retrieval system for the users in China by concerting the cloud gateway technology in Japan and China.


The Internet has a large number of applications and services (including free, charged, open or authorized applications and services) in the cloud era. We are interested in how to effectively integrate logics of these services to provide service integration or combination. We expect to study and develop out the cloud gateway technology which can safely and efficiently integrate multiple SasS/cloud centers to integrate logics of different applications or services in the Internet of the cloud era.


We focus on how to integrate the logics of the services or applications without change to the source codes of the cloud services (public cloud or private cloud) in research and development. By independently studying and developing the cloud gateway technology, we effectively integrate the Japanese patent retrieval service at Japan Tatebayashi IDC and Chinese and Japan machine translation service at Suzhou IDC. This cross-domain language patent retrieval system has operated online at CNSaaS center and has started to provide trial service to the customers in China.

【Technical points】

  1. Cloud integration technology (6 patents): realize flexible and secure cloud applications via mixing fusion technology without change to cloud applications and services.
  2. Statistical machine translation technology (4 patents): construct the patent translation system with high translation precision based on the large-scale multi-language training language pairs in the patent area and diversified professional dictionary by using the phase hierarchical translation model. This system participates in the NIST2009 (National Institute of Standards and Technology) machine translation Chinese-English translation competition and ranks the first position in all participants in China.

【Synoptic diagram】

Synoptic diagram

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