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Insight into enterprise crisis and assessment and analysis on Internet era

CGM undertakes management responsibility for enterprise crisis, fully exerts market promotion function and accurately grasps thinking and trend of consumers in time

Acquisition behaviors of users are deeply affected by comments of other users on products in the Internet community in Internet era. From now, Fujitsu (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. will issue CGM (remark 1) solution to assist which can assist enterprises to quickly and effectively grasp products. CGM can intelligently assess and analyze the feedback information on products in Internet (network medias such as BBS, BLOG and SNS) to grasp assessment of users on products and assist enterprises to take countermeasures by the survey and feedback data. CGM also supports enterprises to analyze effect of the market promotion activities and adjust the scheme of the promotion activities in time by feedback. CGM can accurately grasp the crisis signals such as negative assessment on the enterprise images and products and infringement on the enterprise image on the Internet, assist enterprises to properly start the alert mechanism, effectively manage crisis and avoid business crisis.

Principle of Fujitsu CGM analysis technology: The intelligent analysis solution to the network media information is developed for the new economy laws in Internet era based on the consumer behavior pattern (AIDEES) (remark 2) proposed by Fujitsu and professor Pianping Xiugui who is the first person putting forward management theories in Japan.

Principe of AIDEES pattern

Product features

  • Massive CGM information
    Analyze massive objects such as billions of network media information, and dynamically collect them every day.
  • High-precision intelligent analysis
    Integrate the accurate and efficient Chinese information processing and network information processing technology developed by Fujitsu after years of R&D, including multi-language analysis and information extraction, and construct multi-subject emotion assessment dictionary in cooperation with the domestic natural language processing and research professional organizations such as Language Resource Monitoring and Research Center of Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Central China Normal University.
  • Quick and real time
    Quickly analyze valuable intelligence in time from high-magnitude and dynamic network media information.


  • Enterprise crisis management
  • Market survey and promotion of products and brands
  • Improve product competition


CGM: Consumer Generated Media specially indicates the network media information such as BBS, BLOG and SNS.
Principle of AIDEES pattern: the called AIDEES pattern is based on 6 phases in which the comments affect the consumers' behavior under CGM(Consumer Generated Media), including attention, interest, desire, experience, enthusiasm and share.

Contact Information

Contact for consulting• sale : Fujitsu (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. (FCH)

Research and Development Organization: Fujitsu Research and Development Center Co., Ltd (FRDC)

About Fujitsu (China) Holdings Co., Ltd.

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