BS2000/OSD Concepts and Solutions

Visions of success

Flexible, efficient and non-stop business processes: need a flexible, efficient and non-stop IT infrastructure. Here we present some concepts for a secure, always-on and flexible IT infrastructure.

Automation vacates administration staff for planning and driving innovation, enables full service by the data center in unattended times too, reduces operating errors and optimizes resource management. The special architecture and assured compatibility of mainframes gives the automation policies the necessary robustness and a multiplicity of best practice data center tools assist the creation and maintenance of it.
Print Management
A management solution delivering all the services necessary to establish an enterprise-wide print strategy in mainframe environments.
High availabilty
Guarantees 24x7 availability for your business-critical applications, even if disaster strikes.
Reusability, protection of investment and innovation of applications is vitally based on the ability to become integrated in shifting business processes. Full support of interoperability standards and a comprehensive middleware suite enable a rapid and seamless integration of legacy software in any heterogeneous IT infrastructure.
The solution for network incorporation and web computing with a consistent approach and compatible concept for BS2000/OSD systems.
Performance Managment
Analyzes and optimizes load distribution, use of disk space and the flexibility of the system.
Programming Systems
High quality programming systems are the foundations for the efficient running of modern business-critical applications on BS2000 systems.
Storage Management
Large data resources that are always up-to-date form the backbone of any organization. The flood of information is increasing at a faster and faster rate. Effective management is required, from the moment the information is created until it is disposed of. BS2000/OSD storage management supports the high-performance, reliable and cost-effective management of information objects in the storage hierarchy.
Virtualization means, that IT services will become unattached by irrelevant details of used resources. Resource management gains by virtualization the freedom to schedule resources independent from its physical property and granularity. This enables the necessary flexibility and efficiency of IT infrastructures.