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Compare Warranty & Service Plans: Mid-Volume Production Scanners

Download Service Datasheet (212 KB)

Warranty plans for mid-volume production scanners

Applicable Models:

  • fi-6400
  • fi-6800
  • fi-5950

Consumables and Cleaning kits are not included and should be purchased separately by the customer according to usage.

* Standard Warranty included in the purchase price of the product.

** 1-5 Year upgrades available on New scanners at time of scanner purchase or within 30 days of purchase, upgrades the warranty.

*** 1-2 Year renewals available when Warranty or previous Service plan has expired.

**** Within 3 days response in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Please see Geographic Coverage for availability in your country.


Onsite Service: The scanner will be repaired by a technician at your premises. For more information, please see Service Descriptions .
Next Day Response: Technician with a spare parts kit will arrive during business hours between 9am and 5pm, within the next business day and attempt to repair.
8 Hr + 8 Hr: Technician with a spare parts kit will arrive within 8 hours of the fault report and attempt to repair. If repair not possible inside the first 8 hours, Fujitsu will repair the scanner within a further 8 hours or provide a replacement whilst your scanner is repaired.