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IT Infrastructure Management

Let Fujitsu be your IT infrastructure manager!

Infracare Services
Fujitsu aims to provide the highest level of quality services worldwide. To achieve this, a standard service portfolio has to live by its reputation wherever in the world. InfraCare Services is a set of consistent service which Fujitsu will deliver across its operating companies and which covers every aspect of the IT life cycle:

  • Planning stage, encompassing consulting, design and validation.
  • Implementation, from the procurement of equipment, deployment, installation and user training.
  • Operation, including problem solving, support, monitoring, maintenance and general management.
  • Migration, controlling changes, moves, upgrades or de-installation.

IT can make a world of difference!

Helpdesk Services
Helpdesk Services, which is managed by Asia Enterprise Management Centre (AEMC), is the central point of contact for the entire Fujitsu services portfolio. Fujitsu's comprehensive helpdesk solutions can incorporate a wide breadth of activities from a complete customer service desk, handling product and company inquiries, through to entitlement checking, service subscription advice, technical support, and full call management.

Maintenance Service
Maintenance Service, a single point of contact in a complex multi-vendor environment. Break-fix maintenance or preventative maintenance ensures that one contact point will direct your request to a swift resolution within agreed service levels. Fujitsu will meet all provision of service required by the sensibility of your systems, on-site based engineers and parts or immediate swap of equipment for ensured continuity in critical operations.

Network Services
Fujitsu worldwide network expertise and knowledge is beyond any question. As a matter of fact, in networking technology we set the standard. Fujitsu runs and has implemented the world’s largest network infrastructures, and has spent millions of dollars in developing its own end to end infrastructure among its group members. This capability has a goal and a mean, to offer the best of breed in network support infrastructure to our Customer, as we will expect for ourselves. From local troubleshooting to remote fixing, performance monitoring and consulting, Fujitsu network services serve today every size of company around the world.

Equipment Procurement Services
Procurement Service offers a vendor independent approach with all major IT manufacturers (hardware, software, consumables). The service encompasses the entire process management from order to delivery.

Installation Services
Installation services for desktop, server and network systems, coordinated locally, regionally and globally, with a service capability in over 90 countries. Moves, changes and add-ups recorded accordingly for further track record and warranty management, international coordination with vendor deliveries, hot-staging and testing of your system across all continents. Finally, care for your company and the environment through disposal of components from redundant systems.

Project Planning and Management Services
Efficient and responsible project management is key to any successful enterprise delivery. No matter how carefully planned a scheme is, without the competent supervision and coordination at all phases of the implementation, any project is likely to become an indescribable headache.

System Design and Migration Services
One does not becomes one of the world leaders in the IT industry without a cutting edge expertise, results and capability in system technology.

Training and Education Services
Fujitsu can offer unrivalled training experience, capability and reach; nothing less that you would expect from the world’s largest IT training company.

Managed Services
Managed Services, providing one-stop shop for the coordination of existing contracted service providers, globally and locally, with additional value-added services such as evaluation, control and accountability.