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Data Centre Services

Building and Facilities Management

To ensure that corporate systems have consistent availability, security and resilience, Fujitsu data centre maintains 7x24 monitoring to the facilities setup in the data centre, which includes:

  • Electrical Systems
  • MVAC
  • Fire System
  • Security & Access System
  • Water Detection, plumbing & drainage
  • Building Management System (BMS)

Our data centre is designed to Tier 3 or Tier 4 level with resilience consideration so that the scheduled maintenance work which will be conducted in the data centre will not cause any interruption to the facilities and customer critical IT systems.

By leveraging Fujitsu's best practices in managing over 80 data centres around the world, we maintain the facilities within Fujitsu data centres to ensure the conformance to Fujitsu quality standards, ISO9001 and to comply with committed service levels with the customers.

Remote Hand Service

Fujitsu can provide operation support assistance for the companies which do not have their own operation staff in the data centre. The Remote Hands Services include basic on-site first-line maintenance and support and can be expanded to specific scope according to customer requirements.

The Remote Hand Services which Fujitsu can offer includes, but not limited to the followings:

  • Visual inspection of devices to assess equipment status (e.g. status lights, power lights, and cabling) or identifying information (e.g. serial numbers) and report of observations back to the customer.
  • Viewing of monitors and report of screen data back to the customer.
  • Connection of a customer-provided keyboard and/or monitor to customer equipment for the purpose of carrying out any of the other tasks listed in this document.
  • Rebooting routers, servers, or other customer equipment where the customer provides written directions to the technician.
  • Pressing of "any key" to clear a screensaver.
  • Listening to fans, auditory support for troubleshooting hardware.
  • Toggling switches, pressing buttons and set externally accessible dip-switches under the instruction of the customer, where those switches or buttons are clearly marked.
  • Plugging/unplugging of network cables to support customer's troubleshooting (Cable provided by customer).
  • Re-seating or replacing components that are hot-swappable and modular according to customers provided instruction.
  • Adding, removing, or verifying a demarcation label.


In order to deliver the services effectively, the followings are the pre-requisites of Remote Hands Services:

  • The customers should provide up-to-date suite designs, rack and cabinet layouts, equipment configuration documentation, cable run lists, and equipment photos.
  • The customers are required to submit the written procedures for support of customer equipment.
  • The customer should label equipment and customer cabling for easy identification by Fujitsu's supporting staff.
  • The customer should identify ahead of time which equipment needs to be powered down before cards or components can be changed and which equipment has "hot swap" capabilities.
  • The customer should provide step-by-step instructions for replacement of components.
  • The customer should appoint a pre-authorized customer representative which may approve Remote Hands work.
  • The customer should provide an internal escalation list as a point of contact for problems and for resolution of billing issues.
  • The customer should arrange data center access for Fujitsu's supporting staff to carry out the work.

Media Management Service

Fujitsu can provide Media Management Service in the data centre as described below:

  • Rotation of Media (e.g. tapes) on a daily, weekly, monthly basis according to customer's backup and media management policy.
  • The media can be either recycled, cataloged and stored onsite/offsite. For offsite storage, media will be sent to the customer's office or stored in a secure offsite place.


  • All storage media should be provided by customers.
  • The customers are required to submit the written procedures for support of customer equipment.
  • The customer should arrange data centre access for Fujitsu's supporting staff who carry out the work.