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Standard Software Support Service

Fujitsu believes in personal contact, and through this service you can call our service centre during normal office hours to seek technical advice and guidance on the use, documentation, and exploitation of licensed software products.

Service Deliverables

  • Access to a hotline number in our Service Centre to report system errors or faults of licensed software products
  • Telephone advice and guidance on the use, documentation and exploitation of licensed software products
  • Provision and installation of appropriate resolutions and circumventions, maintenance releases and software enhancements

Customer Benefits

  • Enjoy one-stop maintenance service
  • First class Helpdesk service with regional capabilities
  • Minimize business interruptions due to software failures
  • Maintain high level of system availability and increase end-user satisfaction
  • Comprehensive visibility of software operations
  • Access to focused and up-to-date technology expertise
  • Customer product strategy based upon detailed installed inventory analysis
  • Establishment and maintenance of standard operating environment
  • Reduced management investment to support end-user needs
  • Re-assign in-house IT resources for mission critical tasks
  • Improved productivity of end-user personnel