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Installation and System Rollout Service

Fujitsu provide one-stop service that assists you to effectively install your IT systems and equipment including servers, desktop and network components - all within the agreed standards. On top of this service, we also provide you with consulting services on your IT system infrastructure, as well as technical advice on the appropriate IT architecture that will best suit your requirements and meet your defined and established IT policies.

Service Deliverables

  • In additional to Fujitsu products, we provide installation and rollout services of multi-vendor products:
    • Servers
    • SAN systems and NAS systems
    • Network products - routers, modems, firewall, wireless network devices
    • Channel extenders and encryptors
    • Tape library
    • Printers and other peripherals
    • Machine racks and cabinets

Customer Benefits

  • Worry-free control of projects with best of breed solutions
  • Avail of Fujitsu's project management expertise and verify proposals any time during system rollout
  • Assurance of getting a total solution using multi-vendor products