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Legacy Modernization

COBOL to COBOL re-hosting

Fujitsu's Legacy Modernization Offering includes the capabiltity to migrate COBOL based applications from Mainframe and mid-range based platforms to UNIX, Linux, Windows and Windows .NET based infrastructure with the aid of our Legacy Modernization partner Alchemy.

By moving COBOL based applications from more expensive infrastructure whilst retaining the same language base client can reap the following benefits:

  • Reduction in size of or even decommission of the mainframe or midrange machine
  • Free up valuable space on the infrastructure to allow for growth or delay upgrades
  • Utilization of Commodity hardware or even the cloud
  • As the language does not change, the current technical staff will be able to transistion easily to the new platform without a significant retraining expense
  • Ability to Retro fit SOA architecture and ease the path to integration with other moderni applications
  • Easier access to Web Services and Web Browser front ends
  • Improve the longevity of applications and gain greater returns on the investment you have already made in the applications
  • Ability to inteact with otherlangauges in the same applications such as C# on Visual Studios
  • Usage of related tools such as NeoKicks and NeoBatch assist in easing the migration process.

Why Fujitsu?

Fujitsu and our partner Alchemy offer a robust and low risk way of rehosting COBOL based applications. Fujitsu and our partners have extensive experiences and references in this legacy modernization capability.

Fujitsu’s Legacy Modernization capabilties offer:

  • Commercial models to suit your business requirements;
  • End to end solutions with single point accountability;
  • Extensive experience in planning, designing, migration and implementation of legacy systems and new world technology;
  • Proven methodologies (Macroscope™);
  • Certifications of International standards of excellence (ISO9000®, ITIL® (ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited), CMM);
  • Experience with automated legacy system conversion and documentation;
  • Ability to deliver using on-shore or off-shore resources;
  • Ability to work with your existing IT staff in a combined delivery team;
  • Access to global resources with experience assisting major corporate and government sector organizations;
  • Knowledge of legacy system hardware and software for all major vendor systems; and
  • Unique range of software products that assist in the transformation of legacy environments;

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