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Legacy Modernization

Client Server to Web Browser Migration

Fujitsu’s Legacy Modernization Offering includes several options that allow clients to migrate from older mid-range and client server based technology to modern web based .NET and Java based alternative.

Other the last couple of decades there has been a considerable change in the development tools and architectures available to build bespoke applications.

As applications progress along their lifecycle a great deal of investment of both money and time is often made to keep the applications in line with the functional requirements of the organization.

However, over the years the technologies and version in which they are built may become unsurpported or the architecture and technology might not be able to handle new requirements such being able to interact with the web. Also the original developers may be come unavailable and difficult to replace.

Fujtisu Legacy Modernization offering allows organization to increase the longevity of such applications so that the investment already made can be more fully realised.

The fundamental basis of this capability is that the quality of any migration undertaken by the Fujitsu Modernization teams will be high enough to allow a technical resource in the target technology to understand the application without the need for skills in the legacy technology and that the application is functionally equivant to the legacy system so that future developments can be undertaken.

Why Fujitsu?

Fujitsu’s Legacy Modernization offering can firstly examine the applications using our Application Value Assessments to identify the most suitable roadmap for your applications.

Technologies which we have the capabiltities to move to Web Browser base systems in either .NET or Java include.

  • PowerBuilder
  • Visual Basic Classic
  • Visual Basic .NET 1.1
  • Centura (Gupta)
  • Delphi
  • Oracle Forms
  • Lotus Notes Applications
  • C++

Fujitsu undertake this work either using our own Intellectual Propoerty or with the assisitance of our senior legacy modernization partners, all of whom have an extensive record of successful migration around the world.

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