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Legacy Modernization

Modernization to Cloud Services

Fujitsu’s Legacy Modernization Offering includes several options that allow clients to take advantage of cloud services for your existing legacy applications.

Many legacy applications which exist today are not able to exist in cloud services. They can be many reason why this is the case. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • The application is not a Stateless Web Applications
  • The application is not designed to scale dynamically
  • The application is not stable
  • The application is not in native .NET/Java
  • The application is using technology outside it’s own boundaries that is not cloud compliant
  • The Database is not cloud capable
  • Monitoring, management etc tools currently used on the applicaton are not cloud capable
  • Data Security considerations

Fujitsu and our senior legacy modernization partners have the capabilities to investigate and then alter your organizations applications so that they can take the best advantage of Cloud Services.

Why Fujitsu?

Fujitsu’s Legacy Modernization offering can firstly examine the applications using either our normal or cloud specific Application Value Assessments to identify the most suitable roadmap for your applications.

Fujitsu does not have just one capability in the modernization to cloud services arena and therefore the options that we recommend are those that are most suitable for your organization.

Examples of Cloud Service Modernization alternatives include:

  • Front ending existing applicationss in the cloud so that the front end servers can handle scalability whilst the legacy applications remain on premise • Mash-up several exisiting applications and web services into a cloud service based offering where the new mash-up application seems to live in the cloud but the feeder applications are left unchanged on premise
  • Database movement of Access Database and SQL Server Database (.NET based) Applications so that the database is held in SQL Azure and the logic is undertaken in Azure whilst the application front ends do not move
  • Application Migration, this is where Fujtisu and our partner migrate an application so that it conforms to cloud service requirements such as being stateless and scalable. Then deploy the Application on the cloud. This includes applications from mainframe, client server and 4th generation language.

As you can see there is more to Fujitsu Legacy Modernization Cloud Service Offering than a simple lift and shift methodology. Therefore your organization has a greater opportunity leverage the advantages of Cloud Services.

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