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Fujitsu Launches DynaEye Chinese Edition

Expanding the image scanner business in China with Chinese-language OCR software

Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong, February 27, 2012

Fujitsu, the leading ICT solutions and services provider, today announced the launch of DynaEye EX Chinese Edition, a DynaEye series of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software exclusively designed for handwritten Chinese¹. The new software is available immediately nationwide starting on February 28, 2012.

Fujitsu delivers scanner products to 185 countries and regions worldwide with its fi-Series image scanners leading global sales. The company's scanner business in China has been expanding rapidly over the past ten years and today the fi‐Series holds the largest share in China's scanner market². In addition to successfully producing results for statistical surveys conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBSC), fi‐Series scanners have found their way into China's "Big 4" country‐owned banks, numerous major financial institutions and insurance companies³. The launch of DynaEye EX Chinese Edition marks Fujitsu’s commitment to satisfying the needs of Chinese enterprises and their clients.

Since its debut in 1997, the DynaEye Series has received praise from many satisfied customers as powerful OCR software that processes handwritten forms with exceptional accuracy. Today, it enjoys more than 50% domestic market share with 4,500 companies across Japan benefitting from the solution4.

DynaEye EX Chinese Edition is based on PFU's premium OCR software, DynaEye EX, and is optimized for handwritten Chinese forms. It incorporates the Chinese OCR engine developed by Fujitsu Research & Development Center Co., Ltd. It has also played a key role in processing documents for the NBSC’s sixth National Census Project as well as other major schemes5.

Fujitsu also offers an OCR software development kit for handwritten Chinese forms which provides various workflow‐enhancing OCR functions. These functions are easy to use and require no specialized knowledge to implement. With DynaEye EX Chinese Edition and its highly accurate OCR engine for digitized handwritten content, Fujitsu aims to significantly increase productivity and workflow efficiency for customers in China's 'decentralized capture' market. This new product will be sold in China through Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited and its business partners.6

Key Product Features

1. Highly accurate Chinese-language OCR

DynaEye EX Chinese Edition processes digitized content from forms with amazing accuracy. It supports a range of formats such as handwritten text including alpha‐numeric characters, simplified Chinese, symbols and marks; OCR‐B font; simplified Chinese print and barcodes. It features the successful OCR engine developed for the Chinese market by Fujitsu Research & Development Center Co., Ltd.

2. OCR application development kit available as a package license

Fujitsu offers DynaEye's basic features such as form recognition, post‐OCR modification screen and data exporting via the DynaEye Component Kit, a specially developed ActiveX control library. This kit makes it easy to create pre‐defined form templates, called form definitions, for OCR processing from images of blank forms.


All company products, names and logos that appear in this press release are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.


¹. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the process of detecting printed and handwritten characters from documents and converting them into machine‐encoded text.

². This statement holds true based on market data (Fiscal 2009) for document scanners compiled by IDC China.

³. China's "Big 4" state‐owned banks are Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Bank of China Limited, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China.

4. This statement holds true based on market data (Fiscal 2010) OCR forms processing software compiled by JEITA.

5. Fujitsu Research & Development Center Co., Ltd: President ‐ Satoshi Naoi, Beijing China headquarters.

6. Decentralized capture (also called 'distributed scanning') describes the digitization of documents at multiple, physically separate locations such as at company branches/divisions, reception counters, and teller windows. This is opposed to 'centralized scanning', which is the digitization of all documents at a single location in a workplace.

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