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Business Policy

Our Business Policy defines our current business strategy pursued in accordance with the Fujitsu Way.

We use Field Innovation to find new approaches and the inspiration to improve ourselves, while delivering added value to our customers.

We continuously innovate and transform our business processes through Field Innovation, developing added value for ourselves and our customers and contributing to their business innovation. Field Innovation is our methodology for improving business processes by making visible the key elements and interactions of people, processes and IT, allowing us to identify opportunities for innovation using our talents and know-how.

In implementing Field Innovation, we identify the sphere or "field" of problems to address; identify the fundamental structural elements of this field through firsthand understanding of the actual situation; and determine what actions should be taken for improvement through analysis of the issues.

By fully using all available knowledge, we change people's mindset and processes in the field. The repetition of this cycle and the application of optimized IT results in transformative innovation.

Field Innovation is a fundamental approach for carrying out business activities. We see this approach as suitable not only for organizations directly providing services and solutions to customers but for all organizations, including business groups that provide value to our customers through their devices and products.

The execution of Field Innovation is essential in areas providing business solutions that contribute to customer success by solving their management issues.

We are committed to our own continued innovation by this method as well as using it to contribute to the success of our customers.

We provide global environmental solutions in all our business areas.

The world is facing a growing number of global environmental problems, including the depletion of natural resources, global warming and pollution caused by waste generation. Addressing these issues is a high-priority task for every corporation and individual.

Environmental protection is positioned as a top management priority. We are undertaking a broad range of environmental initiatives which include providing eco-friendly products and implementing "Green Procurement." Through our "Green Policy Innovation" activities to reduce our environmental impact, we are reviewing and re-engineering all our business structures and processes.

By leveraging our advanced technology and know-how, we are providing customers with products, services, and solutions that reduce the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure and help them, through the use of IT, to reduce their overall environmental burden.

Fujitsu Group companies work together to accelerate our global business expansion.

While the majority of revenue for the Fujitsu Group comes from the Japanese market, it is vitally important for our survival and future growth that we place more focus on extending our business into other markets. This is even more important given the maturity and limited opportunities for growth in the Japanese market.

We need to cooperate and closely share, on a global basis, the knowledge and expertise within each of our organizations. An example of such cooperation is the common platform initiative to provide standardized services to customers globally. This includes the industrialization of services and standardization of delivery. These initiatives allow us to provide integrated services in a consistent manner from any service organization.