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Contribution to Advanced Environmental Monitoring at an Industrial Estate in Thailand

Air pollution is responsible for 2 million deaths worldwide each year. This figure has raised concerns that air pollution will become the leading environmental factor in triggering early death in the future.

As a NEDO*1 collaborative research project promoted at the request of the Government of Thailand, Fujitsu has launched initiatives that will culminate in the development of an environmental monitoring system, as well as support for research into predictive modeling of volatile organic compound (VOC) diffusion and training for necessary engineers. The site of these efforts will be the Map Ta Phut industrial estate, home to Thailand's largest petrochemical complex.

Developed expressly to collect, monitor and analyze data on environmental pollutants, this system aims to prevent air pollution, as well as new or additional adverse health effects from it, even if the trend of industrial urbanization gains further momentum. Fujitsu is also supporting the creation of a basic research platform for predictive modeling of VOC diffusion by Thailand's Chulalongkorn University. Furthermore, to ensure continuous environmental management, Fujitsu will vigorously support technical training and the transfer of knowledge to people in Thailand.

Fujitsu will keep working with the Government of Thailand, leveraging this project as a model case for a comprehensive environmental monitoring system that will assist Thailand in becoming a greener society.

*1 NEDO:
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan