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Social Activities

The Fujitsu Group will contribute to the realization of a sustainable and affluent society through its activities, with every employee working as a responsible corporate citizen.

Our Approach

"Contributing to society and protecting the global environment" is one of the Fujitsu Group's corporate policies and guidelines known as the "FUJITSU Way". In order to hand a beautiful Earth over to future generations, various activities are globally conducted, with every employee recognizing the importance of environmental conservation.

Basic Policy

Using the power of ICT, we contribute to the realization of a sustainable and affluent society through our environmental and social contribution activities in local regions. The main pillars of the activities are "Biodiversity in cooperation with local societies", "Development of human resources that contribute to the Earth and society (manpower buildup)", and "Co-creation of new values for environmental conservation".

Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage VII) Targets

Under the "Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan", the following two activities have been carried out as part of our social contribution efforts.

1. Corporate Citizenship: Social Challenges

Fujitsu Group will strive to work with society and undertake activities as a good corporate citizen. In working with society, we will provide financial, technical, human resource, and other support for initiatives that address biodiversity and other social and environmental challenges. In pursuing this objective, we will support the initiatives of a diverse array of actors, including NPOs / NGOs, educational institutions, local governments, and citizens' organizations. Support means, for example, technical support for biosurveys needed by a local government to formulate and implement a local biodiversity strategy; financial support, or monitoring system or other technological support, to help an NPO protect rare species or implement global warming projects; and human resource support for the social contribution programs of an international institution. Working to fulfill this objective, we will expand our support for the activities of a diverse array of stakeholders.

2. Corporate Citizenship: Social Activities

As for the objective of undertaking activities as a good corporate citizen, we will support the social activities our employees volunteer their time for with other elements of society. The focus will be social contribution activities employees implement themselves, which could include forest and woodland conservation activities; tropical rainforest revitalization activities; coastal, river, or area cleanup activities; the holding of classes or other types of educational support; sponsorship of charity events, or disaster relief. Achieving this objective will have the effect of expanding the contribution activities undertaken by employees. These objectives were determined from the perspective of sustainability. Activities will be promoted globally to solve not only environmental issues but social problems defined broadly.