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Fujitsu will Strive for Human Centric Innovation to Overcome Global Environmental Issues and Create a Sustainable Society.

Fujitsu Limited President: Masami Yamamoto

Global Environmental Issues Increase in Severity

We cannot sustain business without the Earth. The development of sustainable society and the growth of business are closely interconnected, inseparable issues. As the world's population grows toward 8 billion people, a host of issues are intertwining to create a complex reality.

Among these, global warming and energy issues are becoming ever more severe. There is an urgent need to carry out fundamental and sustainable countermeasures so that we can hand down a prosperous and beautiful planet to the next generation.

The Potential of ICT and an Age in which Everything is Connected

As ICT evolves, we now stand at the entrance of an age in which everything is connected. Devices like smartphones connect though networks to the cloud, and anyone can now make unconscious use of the ever-evolving power of computers.

ICT has begun to hold new value in an age in which appliances, automobiles, social infrastructure, and all manner of things connect through networks. By continuing to provide the intelligence to analyze the voluminous data on networks (i.e., big data) at an advanced level and to support the decisions and actions of people, we hope to bruing the innovation that will resolve social issues in fields including the environment, energy, disaster readiness, traffic, medicine, agriculture, and education.

Working Together to Resolve Issues through Human Centric Innovation

By expanding the use and application of ICT, the Fujitsu Group has made contributions to reducing the environmental burden of society and our customers. Unfortunately, global warming continues to advance despite our efforts. From here on out, we must take up the challenge of innovation that will change our lifestyles and society overall through ICT.

The Fujitsu Group is committing itself to technology that supports people — who, after all, drive innovation. Fujitsu is taking up the challenge of Human Centric Innovation, which will change people's lifestyles and society overall through the power of ICT.

Our Environmental Management

In order to fulfill our corporate philosophy of bringing about a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world, the Fujitsu Group is aiming to realize a sustainable society. Starting with the reduction of our own environmental burden, we will act on our brand promise of "shaping tomorrow with you" and make further contributions to resolving global environmental issues in cooperation with our customers and society.