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In-House Award Scheme

Fujitsu presents awards recognizing outstanding environmental contribution efforts within the Group to raise awareness and promote activities that benefit the environment.

Environmental Contribution Award and Environment Contest

To raise the environmental awareness of employees at all Fujitsu Group companies, we have operated an Environmental Contribution Awards scheme and conducted an Environmental Photo Contest, open to all employees, every year since 1995.

Numerous entries were put forth for the FY 2013 Environmental Contribution Awards. Among them were efforts in three areas like "Environmental contribution by our products and services", "Reducing the negative environmental impact of our business activities", and "Social contribution activities/Corporate image improvement activities". In the end, however, the FY 2013 Environmental Contribution Awards went to three entries, including "Touchless vein sensor-world's smallest/lightest".

For the Environmental Photo Contest, 503 entries were received from Fujitsu Group employees across the globe. This contest, through the solicitation of entries and voting for winners, encourages employees to think of environmental problems from a global perspective.

Environmental Photo Contest Top Prize Winner - "Papa. Beautiful sands are being spoiled."

Special Environmental Award

Since FY 2008, the Fujitsu Group has offered a Special Environment Award program, intended to encourage Group sales and system engineers to promote the use of ICT solutions in helping customers reduce their environmental load.

While the index added in FY2012 was "Pursuit of resource savings through the use of ICT", the index newly added in FY2013 was "Revenue as the developer of environmental contribution solutions". Organizations notable for their performance were recognized by Fujitsu's president at the Company's April 2014 Solutions Business Expansion Conference.

Commemorative photo of award winners and Fujitsu's president