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With Our Customers

To Increase Customer Satisfaction

Fast-changing social and economic environments make it difficult to see far ahead, what is demanded of us is to quickly and accurately grasp customers' wishes and change ourselves while thinking and acting from the customer's point of view. We are aiming for management innovation by using the "Program to Improve the Quality of Management*1", and taking a number of initiatives to form an innovative corporate culture that can keep pace with customer changes.

*1 Program to Improve the Quality of Management:
A framework for customer-centric management excellence modeled on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award of the United States, the de facto global standard for management innovation.

Promoting Field Innovation with the Customer

Fujitsu is engaged in "Field Innovation" by focusing its efforts on "people" and "processes", and redefining ICT as "a tool for supporting people's work and improving business process efficiency." After making essential management issues clear through the visualization of "people," "processes", and "ICT" at the customer's workplace, we gathered on site knowledge and improved the usability of ICT.

Making such management issues visible leads to sustainable management innovation by customers in accordance with top management's intentions. Also we continue to improve ourselves in Fujitsu by what we learned in the many times we have been involved in this process.

Examples of Field Innovation

In August 2011, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings (IMHDS) began a companywide project to improve productivity under three year plan. The best sales assistants generated sales several times bigger than the average. However, since high performance comes from individual competence and skills, it is extremely difficult to identify specific factors that account for the success of these sales assistants. IMHDS had made numerous attempts to systematize the skills of the top sales assistants, but with limited success.

"We wondered if we could gain an objective view of those traditionally subjective skills using Fujitsu's knowledge and technology." IMHDS decided to undertake a thorough analysis of what made the best sales assistants so successful using Fujitsu's Field Innovation activities.

The data showed that the top sales assistants had more customer interactions and spent up to 1.5-2 times longer with customers, or tended to wait for the customers in positions with good view of the entire floor, resulting in a corresponding difference in the sales generated.

The Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square Showroom

A society in which people use the power of ICT to innovate in business and society and create greater abundance. Fujitsu calls such a society a Human Centric Intelligent Society. We are engaged in various initiatives to realize this vision.

One such initiative is the Fujitsu Cloud Square. Through it we offer various programs to create innovations that advance the growth of customers' businesses and solve social problems.

Picture: Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square

Operation of the Fujitsu Customer Relations Center and the Fujitsu Contact Line

We established the Fujitsu Customer Relations Center in 2003 to handle inquiries and other problems concerning products and services from customers who are not sure where to address their issues. Also, in order to respond quickly to customers concerning the functions and prices of products before they make their purchases, since 2005 we have been routing all such pre-purchase telephone inquiries to a single window, the Fujitsu Contact Line, with the telephone number for access published on our corporate website and in catalogs, press releases and advertisements.

The role of the Fujitsu Customer Relations Center and the Contact Line is to quickly connect the customer to the department best suited to answer his inquiry. They not only increase customer satisfaction through accelerated responses, they analyze what customers have to say and use it for product and system development and quality improvement.

Fujitsu Customer Relations Center / Fujitsu Contact Line

Chart: Trends in Inquiries Addressed to the Customer Relations Center

PC Support Center for Individual Customers

To handle the diversifying needs and environments of our individual customers, we have put in place the "personal products support desk" to provide consultation concerning Fujitsu personal computers. Through this support desk, we are building a system for handling a wide range of questions on matters regarding the use, troubleshooting, and servicing of Fujitsu personal computers.

Examples of Improvements Based on Customer Feedback

For our thin notebook computers (LIFEBOOK UH series), we pursued light weight and thinness to make them highly portable and adopted an external connector (standard attachment) for using cable LANs.

Customers responded that they want an internal cable LAN connector. So for the models announced in June and October 2013, we used a pull-out type cable LAN connector to build the connectors into our thin computers as well, further increasing their versatility and convenience.

Placing Importance on Connecting with Our Customers

The User Association 'Fujitsu Family Association'

The Fujitsu Family Association was founded in 1964 as a user association with our corporate clients as members. In 2014 it marks the 50th anniversary of its founding. Today, at the end of FY 2013, it has some 3,500 members participating, making it the largest organization of users of information and communications systems in Japan. With a head office, eleven branches in Japan and LS Research Committees*2, the association is expanding its various activities under the slogan "Dreams to Discuss and the Wisdom to Compete" and it is receiving high praise from its members.

Its activities span the three fields of networking among different industry types, developing human resources and gathering information, and in FY 2013, the association carried out not just ICT-related activities, but also regional vitalization themed group research activities and more. The association also engages in substantial public relations activities, Putting out its Family magazine for members five times a year, as well as the Web version, e-Family, and it sends out email newsletters periodically.

*2 LS Research Committee:
This committee, originally formed as the "Large Systems Research Association" in 1978, was merged with the Fujitsu Family Association in 2007 with the renewed purpose of carrying out research on leading-edge technologies and concepts, and implementing effective ICT utilization that will contribute to members' growth.

Directions in Advertising

In all advertising and publicity activities in the Fujitsu Group, we strive to observe all laws and corporate internal regulations and to only use fair and appropriate expressions and graphic symbols.

Main advertising and publicity activities

  • TV programming: Fujitsu sponsors "See the world by train" and "Fight! KAWASAKI Frontale (a Japanese soccer team)" for Japanese TV.
  • TV commercials/newspaper advertisements: The "Fujitsu's Technology in Your Future" series (cloud agriculture, medicine, big data: public transportation and digital marketing editions)

Marking and Labeling of Products and Services Regarding Quality and Safety

Fujitsu is dedicated to observing all laws and internal regulations related to marking and labeling of products and services regarding quality and safety. During FY 2013, we experienced no marking or labeling violations related to products or safety.