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Embracing Diversity and Developing Human Resources

Based on the statement "We respect diversity and support individual growth" in the Corporate Values of the Fujitsu Way, we respect the diversity of our employees. We also support our employees in their efforts to enhance their capabilities and develop skills through their work so they can achieve individual growth.

Diversity and Inclusion

A look at how Fujitsu is utilizing and supporting the growth of its diverse human resources.

Efforts Promoting Respect for Human Rights

An overview of Fujitsu's initiatives to embed human rights awareness.

Creating Good Working Conditions

An introduction to Fujitsu's efforts to create working environments where employees unlock their full potential.

Occupational Health and Safety and Health Management

A look at Fujitsu's efforts to ensure occupational health and safety.

Human Resource Development

The whole Fujitsu Group implements initiatives to strategically address human resource development, a key management issue.