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Example Activities in FY 2013

The following are examples of Fujitsu Group company activities worldwide.

Fujitsu UK and Ireland apprentices

Challenges Community Engagement

Picture: Fujitsu UK and Ireland apprenticesFujitsu UK and Ireland apprentices

Youth unemployment*1, particularly in Europe, is an issue confronting societies in developed countries. Various initiatives to spur youth employment are being promoted in the U.K., where the high level of youth unemployment is around 20%.

Since the beginning of 2012, 250 young people have been accepted as apprentices at Fujitsu UK and Ireland as part of our efforts to support these initiatives. In FY 2013, we also supported the U.K.'s National Apprenticeship Week, where Fujitsu managers, including our CEO, gave career advice and donations, and participated in a variety of events.

In addition, employee volunteers visited schools, where counseling and advice was given to more than 800 junior and senior high school students, including guiding them in resume writing and presentation skills.

*1 Youth unemployment rate:
the percentage of 15–24 year-olds who are out of work. In the U.K., however, this is calculated for 16–24 year-olds.

Support for Entrepreneurs Fostering Social Dynamism

ICT for Everyone Challenges Community Engagement

Picture: Kawasaki Entrepreneur CompetitionKawasaki Entrepreneur Competition

The rate of entrepreneurialism*2 in Japan stands at only about 4%, which is the lowest level among developed countries. Fujitsu is leveraging its technology and resources to support entrepreneurial activities on various fronts, as boosting entrepreneurialism has become a policy initiative because of its positive benefits for growth and for bringing many types of dynamism to society.

One example of this is Fujitsu's support for the "Kawasaki Entrepreneur Competition―Business Idea-Seed Market" held by the Kawasaki Institute of Industry Promotion (IIP) in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Fujitsu supports the competition's participants, including providing free use of cloud computing services to the winners.

In addition, as a Model Business for Strategic Formulation of Intellectual Property in Kawasaki, we are contributing to creating new businesses and developing new products by, for example, offering advice to small and medium sized businesses in the city on how to utilize Fujitsu's open patents.

*2 Rate of entrepreneurialism:
The ratio of people engaged in entrepreneurial activity per 100 people aged 18–64.

Tohoku Earthquake Recovery Support:
Support for Publishing the "Sendai City Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake" to Provide Lessons for the Future from the Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

Challenges Community Engagement

Picture: Sendai City Record of the Great East Japan EarthquakeSendai City Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Working with the city of Sendai, Fujitsu cooperated to help publish the "Sendai City Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake: Activities in the Year after the Disaster," in order to pass along the lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake to future generations , and to help provide suggestions on how to build a society where we can live free from anxiety over damage from earthquakes.

Amidst the upheaval immediately after the earthquake, records were made of Sendai City officials who stuggled and devoted themselves to recovery activities. The conditions of the daily life of citizens and progress toward recovery were also kept in chronological records. These records contain information on various challenges and ideas for improvement. Conveying this information to future generations is valuable preparation against the unpredictability of earthquakes that may occur at any time.

Based on the experience and the lessons we have learned, Fujitsu is making contributions through ICT that instills an awareness of disaster prevention in local governments not only in the afflicted areas but also elsewhere across Japan.

Providing a Venue for Children to Experience and Learn about ICT

ICT for Everyone Challenges Community Engagement

Picture: Enjoyable learning and hands-on experience at the Enjoyable learning and hands-on experience at the "Fujitsu Tech Labo"

Fujitsu is providing a venue where children, who will lead the new digital age, can experience and study how to create a safer and better society. One example of this is offering the "Fujitsu Tech Lab" exhibit that gives children a chance to experience the work of an engineer at the "Kandu" Work Experience Theme Park in Chiba City.

At the "Lab," children pretend to be newly hired engineers, experience fighting cyber viruses in a fun, game-like environment, and try their hand at developing security systems. The experience allows us to present Fujitsu technology in a simple way, showing the power of ICT to solve various challenges.

In addition to this hands-on venue, Fujitsu also provides fun, easy to understand information on ICT through our child-oriented Fujitsu Kids website.